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Podcast Advertising!

According to Infinite Dial, 55% of the US Population aged 12+ has listened to a Podcast. 24% have listened to a Podcast just in the past week! With the rapid growth of podcast listening begs the question, “how can my company advertise in Podcasts?”

There are multiple ways to advertise utilizing Podcasts whether you are a national, regional or local company. Here are three scenarios involving Podcast advertising.

1.      Company V is located in New York City and operates across nation selling car seats and toddler sports equipment. For the car seats they want to reach Moms that are listening to Podcasts. They choose a plan that uses an audience target of Moms to deliver impressions across the iHeart Podcast Network on a national scale. For the toddler sports equipment they’ve chosen to run on only the sports network of Podcasts which has shows such as The Dan Patrick Show and The Dream Team Tapes.

2.      Company X is located in Oklahoma and runs a country record label. Their specific goal is to hit country listeners so they specifically target two national podcasts buying a share of voice in Cody Cast With Cody Alan & BobbyCast with Bobby Bones to promote their latest country music release.

3.      Regional Company: Company Y is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and sells groceries with a regional footprint throughout West Virgina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Upstate New York. They’ve chosen to geo-target the iHeartMedia Podcast Network to the all of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and the DMA’s that make-up upstate New York. The ads would run in both the national and local network of Podcasts in those markets. Being that their footprint is regional, audience targeting won’t work for them is it’s only available on a national scale.

4.      Company Z is based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and sells chocolate. Their consumers are all located in Pittsburgh PA.  The plan they utilize geo-targets the Pittsburgh DMA. The ads would run in both the national and local network of Podcasts. We could also just choose to run in the local network of podcasts which would consist of the radio show Podcasts (ie. The DVE Morning Show, Mark Madden, Mikey and Bob, etc.). With their local footprint utilizing geo-targeting is the best option.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how your company can utilize Podcasts to reach potential consumers. Contact me with any questions about advertising in; or creating a Podcast.

About the author: Brett Mercuri has over 15 years of experience as a marketing and advertising consultant with iHeartMedia. Specialties include digital, radio and event sponsorship. He can be contacted at brettmercuri@iheartmedia.com or by phone/text at 412-527-3358.

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