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Layer Your Marketing

Digital marketing. Make sure to layer your efforts.
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Marketing is always evolving. It always keeps me on my toes and never gets boring.

With the digital age came the ability to drill down on your specific target. If you sell car seats or baby clothes you can target moms. The fact we have the capability to target on such a granular level make it a very exciting time to be in marketing. However, it can also lead to becoming too hyper focused. If a company selling car seats and baby clothes solely markets to moms, it leaves out the top of the funnel. Moms to be and moms in the making. Be sure to layer your campaign.

Layer 1: Use the digital space (OTT, streaming audio, podcast, display, pre-roll etc.) to target moms a granular level to sell your car seats and baby clothes now.

Layer 2: be sure to hit a more mass appeal whether it’s broadening your target digitally to include women 25-44 or utilizing a mass medium like radio targeting stations that rank in the top 5 for adults 25-44. This second layer will allow you to be top of mind if/when the time comes that your prospects do become moms.

Whatever route you take, make sure it’s a multi-layered approach so you can hit people through the entire sales funnel from potential prospect through the buying phase.

About the author: Brett Mercuri has over 15 years of experience as a marketing and advertising consultant with iHeartMedia. Specialties include digital (from SEO to OTT and all in between), radio and event sponsorship. He can be contacted at brettmercuri@iheartmedia.com or by phone/text at 412-527-3358.

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