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Does Radio Advertising Work?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

As an account executive selling radio for 13 years I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked the question, “Does radio advertising work?” The simple answer is that if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have made a living off it for 13 years while building up a base of long running; successful clients. I know it works due to my clients making me aware of it. Here are some examples of radio’s effectiveness:

Matt Mertz Plumbing has been a highly successful client of mine for multiple years. Late last year they began doing endorsements with Mikey and Big Bob from 96.1 Kiss. Big Bob decided to blurt out “drains, clogs and backed up logs” as a hook for the ads. Shortly after they began I received a text from the owner that simply said “tell the guys thanks!” along with a photo of an online review:

Mikey and Big Bob are always interacting with their listeners on social media. Here’s a small sampling of Tweets they get from their Mattt Mertz Plumbing radio campaign:

Mattress Firm was a major client of mine for multiple years; Mikey and Big Bob were endorsers for them as well. Their ads were so powerful that people would tweet receipts of mattresses bought to them as well as their kids randomly screaming “Mattress Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm!” at the top of their longs as they drive by one. A simple search on Twitter with “fsmikey mattress firm” yields the following results:

If you scrolled down after that search you’d see the tweets just go on and on.

South Park Mitsubishi is another highly successful client of mine that did some tweaking to their marketing and put a bigger chunk of money in radio over time. They’ve roughly tripled their sales since they flipped things around over the past several years. “South Park Mitsubishi, Feel the difference!”

Jim Shorkey Auto Group has been known for years via their radio campaigns. They started out when I began my career with Courtesy Suzuki. A one location auto dealer. They parlayed their campaigns into the Jim Shorkey Auto Group empire it has become by heavily utilizing radio. They went from a single brand/location to 5 dealerships encompassing 4 brands. “What A Great Day!”

The biggest keys they have in their success are their consistency and great creative that drives results through call to action. Radio is the #1 reach medium in the US. Use it right in your media mix and you will reap the benefit of great results.

If you want to learn more about how to create an effective radio campaign to add to your media mix hit me up in the comments section.

About the author: Brett Mercuri has over a decade of experience as a marketing and advertising consultant with iHeartMedia which reaches 250 million people across the US in over 150 markets. Specialties include radio advertising, digital marketing and event sponsorship. He can be contacted at brettmercuri@iheartmedia.com or by phone at 412-919-8524.

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