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The Key To Gaining Trust With customers FAST!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Have you ever been introduced to someone by a friend? It’s a nice feeling. Everyone let’s their guard down and an automatic trust is in place because a mutual friend introduced you to each other. So, how do you extend that immediate trust on to the masses for your business?


When you watch a TV show on a regular basis or fall in love with a movie you get to know the characters and the actors feel like friends. The same extends to radio listeners. They feel like the DJ is a friend. They listen every day and they form a bond with their favorite DJ. If you match up with the proper person to endorse your products it can have an enormous impact on your business. Results will come faster and success is all but guaranteed.

The most successful endorsements have DJs/ambassadors that are passionate for the product they endorse. To make them truly successful you have to allow the endorser to be themselves so their personality shines through. The bond with listeners is almost instant. Your business gains an automatic trust because your business was introduced by a “mutual friend.”

In my 12 years in the business I have formed many endorsement partnerships and they last for years. If you are looking for a more immediate impact and connection with potential customers find yourself a voice that already has a trust with the masses and let them tell their “friends” about your product.

About the author: Brett Mercuri has over a decade of experience as a marketing and advertising consultant with iHeartMedia which reaches 250 million people across the US in over 150 markets. Specialties include radio advertising, digital marketing and event sponsorship. He can be contacted at brettmercuri@iheartmedia.com or by phone at 412-919-8524.

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