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3 Traits Of A Successful Ad Campaign

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

As a 12 year veteran of the business I’ve seen a lot of marketing campaigns. While there’s more that goes into a successful campaign, the best ones have the following 3 traits.

The best advertising campaigns have a specific goal that can be tracked with a budget to match.

Many of my clients refer to advertising as a necessary evil. They love it because it works, but hate writing the check. The reason they know it works? They track their ROI. Be sure you know the result you are looking to achieve before you start the campaign. Most important, know your customer acquisition cost. If your goal is to land 100 new customers and your customer acquisition rate is $100 per customer your budget should be $10,000. Use that money to reach the right audience with the right message you will see the right result. If the medium falls short of that goal, did you reach the right audience? Did you have the right message? Chances are if the campaign didn’t work, one of those two answers will be “no.”

The best advertising campaigns aim for their target audience.

I’ve taken a lot of meetings due to the owner of the company being a fan of one of the properties I represent. Sometimes it’s the right match, sometimes it isn’t. After I consult with the potential client I make sure that the station they want to utilize hit’s their target audience. I’ve had to talk clients away from certain properties they are a fan of because the people they are trying to reach don’t fit that mold. Always remember, just because you like (or loathe) a certain radio station or TV channel doesn’t mean it’s the best or worst for your company’s target audience. A good advertising rep will guide you to the outlet that best suits your audience. Take your taste out of the equation.

The best advertising campaigns have a cohesive message.

Remember, even with a call to action message you are still branding your business as well. A cohesive message allows the mediums to work together. On the drive to work they hear your ad on the radio, they go to the mailbox and get your direct mail piece then see your ad on TV at night. If the messages are different their brain will process them as different businesses. When the message is cohesive it’ll reinforce your call to action to yield better results.

About the author: Brett Mercuri has over a decade of experience as a marketing and advertising consultant with iHeartMedia which reaches 250 million people across the US. Specialties include radio advertising, digital marketing and event sponsorship. He can be contacted at brettmercuri@iheartmedia.com or by phone at 412-919-8524.

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