About Brett Mercuri,

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

I've always had a love for music. One of my earliest memories is from 1978; 3 years old and playing on a step while my Mom was cooking.  She always had the radio on and I remember hearing Lights by Journey. The second memory was being 5 and hearing Don McLean's American Pie in 1980. Music has always had a hold on me.

I began playing guitar at 18 while in college. One night on VH1 Classic they were running a BBC concert of James Taylor from the 70's which began my love of fingerstyle guitar. It's been my dream to write and album of original fingerstyle acoustic guitar compositions. After years of messing around and going long periods without playing, I realized that fire was still inside and I'm making my dream a reality.


I'm not a virtuoso by any definition. I write concentrating on melody and feeling.


It's never too late to accomplish a dream.

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